Aliens: your attention, please!


If you’re having trouble downloading “Run, Run, Run” off iTunes, open the iTunes store, click on your email address (top left), then on account. There, you look for “manage pre-orders”, now you cancel your pre-order, search the album again and pre-order again. Now the song should automatically download to your iTunes library.

-; this PSA has been brought to you by my partner in crime, weare0630

Flower Hurricane! & Jupiter Thunderbolt!
Pretty Guardian of Love and Courage in a Sailor Suit!
Sailor Jupiter!
I’ll make you feel so much regret, it’ll leave you numb!
Makoto's transformation - Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Moon's new tiara
Meet Luna

dedicated to billfuckingkaulitz

Evil Spirit, be exorcised! 

Pretty Guardian of Fire and Passion in a Sailor Suit! 
In the name of the Mars, I will chastise you!